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As is repeatedly highlighted by cases in the media, lack of data security can be a major issue whether the data source is commercial or private. At Electronic Recycling we understand the necessity of overall data security for all our customers, and have therefore implemented a set of procedures to ensure the safe destruction of all client data.

Protecting Company Information
We know that every organisation is under pressure to protect personal or non-public information that may exist within electronic equipment. Secure data destruction is important in safeguarding your brand, employees and customers. That's why our top priority is the destruction of company information when refurbishing, recycling or donating any of your data holding products. We make sure that your information does not fall into dishonest hands.

Complete Accountability
We issue authenticating detailed reports and certificates, how and when your data was destroyed. This includes:

  • Certificates of Data Destruction
  • Certificates of Hard Drive

Peace of Mind
Rest easy knowing that your data will stay out of unscrupulous hands. Electronic Recycling data security policies ensure that your data is destroyed, and your company stays protected. We are committed to keeping you and your company safe.

We Keep You Safe
Because we know that the security of your data is important, Electronic Recycling provides you with a certificate of data destruction for all Electronics and IT waste taken through our ewaste process. We can also provide complete detailed, customize reports that document in specific detail the data erasure process for individual hard drives and systems. These certificates and reports gives you written certification that your company's data has been securely destroyed.

Solving the problems
As a consequence, you need to ensure that you're not only shielding your sensitive business and customer information, but that you're securely disposing of it. We operate to the highest recognised standards to ensure 100% data security, using a range of data wiping and destruction methodsour data sanitization procedure guarantees that your data is completely and securely destroyed. Our techniques meet international regulatory and technical standards, including:

  • U.S. Department of Defence 5220.22-M DOD Method Software Wipe out
  • We offer the physical destruction of hardware using our advanced shredders

Any drive that fails the drive wiping process is physically shredded, preventing any possibility of future data recovery. Whichever service is used, a full data destruction report is provided detailing each drive's asset number, serial number, (wiped or shredded) and date of wiping

We can provide both onsite and offsite data destruction